Laser Tattoo Removal
If you are weary about any form of cosmetic surgery, Monarch Med Spa is definitely the place to go to help you figure things out for yourself. The environment is very secure, warm and welcoming. From the initial phone call to set up the appointment until the final steps, the staff of Monarch Med Spa knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable. I would even go as far as saying that the care and concern their staff provides for you is phenomenal. Any question or issue I had, they took care of it quickly and helped me work everything out. I definitely would recommend you consider choosing Monarch Med Spa for your cosmetic needs… they are some of the most professional and caring people in the Harrisburg area!

---Chris, State College, PA
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From the moment you walk through Monarch Medspas' doors in the King of Prussia office, you feel the love with the staff. The waiting room is warm, decorated beautiful and a video is playing on different procedures offered at Monarch. It started about a year ago with meeting with Dr's right hand Office Coordinator, Kathy, very warm, caring lady, welcomes you with a hello & smile and escorts you to her office. While walking to the office, you pass other rooms, decorated nicely, clean, roomy, looking like mini suites & operating rooms. Kathy asking questions prior with meeting with the Doctor. I, a little nervous, but knowing & feeling that I'm in the right place. My gut, foot work & word of mouth brought me to where I was this day. Then I met with the doctor, young, good looking, who also made you feel very comfortable. I found out lots about this doctor who medically sculptures your body like he's working on a canvas.You talk, discuss and plan the date to transform your body to where you always dreamed it could be. You cross off the days on your calendar then the days here. That day, prior to arriving at the office, your instructed to shower and have something light to eat. My 1st visit with the doctor,was his sculpturing with Vaser & Smart Lipo of my thighs and waist. Wow remarkable, no more dimples on my thighs and my waist, where has it gone, I'm tiny. The operation is remarkable. You're awake and comfortable during the operation, you might feel a pinch here or there during the operation. Several different procedures are going on with the doctor with assistance by Kim & Katie. (professional right hand staff, assisting the doctor during your procedure, great, friendly ladies, know their jobs). My second operation was again with the same doctor & his above great staff. This time it was Vaser & Smart Lipo, the hips, and some butt. After the operation you wear a garment and binder and return back to the office in 3 weeks. During this time, any questions, comments or issues, the doctor was only a phone call away no matter what time it should be. I highly say, if you need the work, give Monarch Medspa in King of Prussia a call, ask for Kathy and schedule an appointment, you won't be dissappointed!. If there was anymore to nip or tuck from my body, I wouldn't hesitate to give the good people at Monarch Medspa in King of Prussia, Pa. a call.

I had my arms, above the bra strap, and belly done with vaser lipo. My results are awesome. From my first visit until my last follow up appointment everyone there was kind and helpful. Especially, you and the Dr. My results are exactly what I expected!! Any questions I had about the surgery and recovery were addressed immediately.

---Vickie J
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