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Face Lifts, Mini Lifts & Neck Lifts

The Mini-lift or Face Lift can correct the effects of aging and restore a youthful appearance. This quick, one-hour procedure will improve the neck-chin angle and restore a tight jaw line for those noticing advanced signs of aging.
The patient receives light sedation and local anesthesia during this procedure and after a brief rest and instruction on home care, patients go home the same day and often return to work the next!
This is a revolutionary procedure that can help patients avoid the need for a much more surgically-intensive procedure. Complete results of the Face Lift are apparent within 3-4 weeks.
Cosmetic surgery can achieve amazing results, but it is important for patients to know that options such as Face Lift are most effective when they enhance a person's natural beauty. For this reason, our doctors take the time to learn about each patient's goals and to answer any questions. Call us today for a consultation!

Offered in the following locations
  • King of Prussia, PA (Minutes from Philadelphia)
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