Read below to find answers to all of your questions about the amazing new Isolaz treatment. If you have any other additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss this option with a physician, please call Monarch today!
Is the this treatment cleared by the FDA?
Yes. As a matter of fact, Isolaz is the only systemclinically proven to successfully treat even severe forms of acne, such as pustular, comedonal, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne.
Is the Isolaz treatment really painless?
Yes. In a published clinical study, an impressive 100% of patients noted these treatments were painless.
How many treatments will I need and how long does each
treatment take?
Yes. In a published clinical study, an impressive 100% of patients noted these treatments were painless.
Will I have downtime or sensitivity to light following my
Isolaz treatment?
No.  Isolaz treatments are actually quite relaxing and they do not cause any of the common post-treatment side effects such as reness, swelling, crusting, etc. And unlike other treatments, Isolaz does not cause sensitivity to light either! You can return to normal activities immediately following your treatment without any discomfort, sensitivity or side effects.
Are there any other technologies that combine light with vacuum?
No. Isolaz is the only treatment that offers photopneumatics, the vacuum and light technology that makes this system so unique.
Have patients been happy with Isolaz results?
According to a clinical study 100% of patients surveyed noted that they would choose Isolaz over previously experienced treatments.
What skin types can be treated with Isolaz therapy?
All skin types and colors can be treated using Isolaz..
Will I respond to Isolaz if I have not responded to Accutane ®
While everyone is different, many patients who have not responded to other acne treatments have responded positively to Isolaz treatments.
Will I still need to use topical creams or other medication?
Ask your Isolaz treatment provider about their recommendations for post-treatment continuing skin care. Depending on your personal situation, you may be instructed to continue to use other acne treatments while undergoing Isolaz treatments.
Does the Isolaz work 100% of the time?
While everyone's skin is different, studies have shown that 85% of people who have an Isolaz Acne Light Treatment will experience clearer skin.
What if I only get a breakout every once in a while – could I still have
an Isolaz treatment?
Of course!  Because the Isolaz uses vacuum, it is for deep pore cleansing, leaving you with healthy, radiant looking skin. Isolaz offers a helpful, rewarding result for anyone who wants clearer, brighter skin!
Will Isolaz also reduce the redness associated with my
acne breakouts?
Many patients do see the additional benefit of reduced redness after an Isolaz acne light treatment.
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