Body Lift

For a dramatic transformation of the mid and lower body areas, the body lift procedure offers clients the opportunity to achieve the skin-tightening they desire. They body lift essentially combines several other smaller procedures into one overall enhancement. This can be achieved through one or several surgeries, depending on the patient.
The most common candidate for a body lift is a person who has experienced dramatic weight loss and has excess skin remaining in their mid and lower body. For these patients, a body lift will rid their figure of excess skin and will promote an overall tighter, firmer look in their torso, thighs and buttocks.
Monarch's Board Certified cosmetic surgeons are experts and know how to best tailor the body lift procedure to each of their patients. During the body lift, the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is closed in such a manner that reshapes the figure for the best possible result.
If you believe you are a candidate for a body lift procedure, please contact Monarch today and a specialist will be happy to talk with you about how this procedure could offer you the physical transformation you desire.
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